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Pat Molyneaux and family are being honored for their many significant efforts on behalf of the Church. Pat is also the CEO of Molyneaux of Pittsburgh, in business over 75 years providing quality home and flooring services for the Pittsburgh area. The Molyneaux family is active in Church projects in both the Pittsburgh and the Greensburg diocese

Dr. Rick Gibala is being honored for his lifetime body of work as a director of Liturgical Music...most recently at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington, Va. He was  honored in 1999 as N.P.M.'s 'Pastoral Musician of the year' and announced his retirement last August. Dr. Gibala has been nationally recognized as being one of the most well-known and accomplished directors in the country.

Msgr. H. Jules ('Padre Julio') Roos (posthumously) and his niece, Corporate Attorney Gretchen Roos are being honored for their tremendous work in developing the Chimbote Center in Peru. Along with the now-also-deceased Ken Roos, they raised the funds necessary to build 'The Center for Social Works and the Maternity Hospital of Mary'. Serving over 1,000 patients per day, well over 100,000 babies have been safely birthed there.


Our Executive Board takes great pride in recognizing the lifetime's achievements of  our winners and it is our hope that you will be present on August 20th to help them share in their big day!